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Kaeru Jump

Kaeru JumpNow game solution is available facebook!http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kaeru-Jump/256828512726Kaeru Jump has been ranked as top 10 in US, Canada, top 25 in Australia and Italy, top 50 in Japan, Germany, UK, France and other countries as a board puzzle. And listed as top 50 in US among all the applications in AppStore in January!This game has attracted thousands of players since launched and been highly spoken of.It is a highly addictive puzzle game that thoroughly stimulates your brain cells to the extreme. You guide the frog to finish its fun journey in a pond with stones scattered throughout. You move the frog horizontally or vertically to traverse all the stones. The stone underfoot disappears when the frog jumps off it. When there is only one stone left, you claim the victory. Three versatile game modes guarantee to bring ultimate funs for all kinds of players:1. Classic mode gives 10 dynamic maps ordered in increasing difficulty. Your movement is timed and you only have 12 chances to clear the stage. This very well appetizes those radical type of players.2. Journey mode offers you 100 different maps. Each map is treated as a stage. 999 chances in toal are granted to complete all 100 maps and the progress is automatically saved. This mode satisfies those meditator like players. 3. Journey gallery mode presents all the maps you have cleared so you can replay the maps to try out better strategy. This mode is for the perfectionism. The "interesting facts" in the intervals of stages flavour the game further more, will boost your knowledge about frogs.- How to paySimply swipe your finger on the screen vertically or horizontally to move the frog at all directions but backwards.- Application supportPlease visithttp://www.aotol.com/company/kaeru.htmFollow us on twitter:http://twitter.com/kaerujumpFor game solution discussion, please join us on facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kaeru-Jump/256828512726iOS 7 supportiPhone 5 screen support


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